Turn your next team building event into a Williamsburg adventure!

…featuring the Williamsburg Ghost Hunt!

All these big cities to choose from and the small colonial town of Williamsburg, VA. Why Williamsburg and why the ghost hunt? The first thought is to say, “Why not?” but truth be told, this is a great city for our scavenger hunts for corporate and student groups as not only is the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg a great place to walk around, but Williamsburg is haunted – the most haunted city (and one of the oldest) city in America.

Scavenger, Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, TreasureMuseum, Ghost/Witch and Bachelorette hunts are all available to you— it’s just a matter of picking the right hunt for your group.

Public Hunts
If you haven’t been to Williamsburg yet, you will see that the Ghost tours are quite the attraction in the evening. We take the tour one step further with a family friendly interactive ghost adventure which we call Spooky Fun for Everyone! Ghost hunts run every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday at 8:00PM.

Student Hunts
2003 was our first season offering these on-foot Scaventures. Each team of students equipped with a Polaroid camera and film experienced history by participating in a scavenger hunt and came back with photos of their teams, historical CharActors and had a great time doing it. If your group has one of the Colonial Williamsburg packages, the hunt can be even more involved or ask us for the combination ticket. A private ghost hunt is available in the evenings as well for your group.

Corporate Hunts
There is this big foundation that runs historical Williamsburg. They are not allowed to endorse our program or allow us to use their name to promote our services. This organization had a great time coming out of the past into the future with our Limousine Scaventure. Organizations that do allow us to use their name include Absolut which experienced our Spy Hunt on the streets of Williamsburg and said “I am glad that we chose to the Spy Hunt. Everyone had a really fun and challenging time! Every comment we heard following the program was positive — and it definitely accomplished its purpose of bringing the group together and focusing on the team. I hope that we have the opportunity to work with you and your team again!”
Paula B., Absolut North America.