Turn your next team building event into a Toronto adventure!

Toronto is a city of vibrant neighborhoods and thousands of unique corners. Though the CN Tower is the most famous sight, the city rewards our Scaventurers with charming secrets at every turn. It’s a world within a city, and it’s all worth exploring on a Scaventure hunt by foot or by limousine. With ethnic neighborhoods, a pioneer village, a medieval castle, skyscrapers, a terrific waterfront, and architecturally diverse churches, restaurants, and homes, Toronto is an ideal city for our Scaventure Hunts.

Your hunt could start in Picturesque Kensington Market a maze of narrow streets, some of which are lined with vibrant turquoise, aqua and traditional red-and-white houses. Explore Underground Toronto a network of walkways called “The Path” (a great choice for wintertime). You could choose to explore Toronto’s Hollywood Scene in our Toronto TV & Movie Locations Hunt.

Scavenger, Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure and Museum hunts are all available to you— it’s just a matter of picking the right hunt for your group.

Whatever your choice having your Scaventure Hunt in Toronto is a winning combination!