Turn your next team building event into a Seattle adventure!

No scavenger list of cities would be complete without including Seattle – the Emerald City. When the “mountain is out” and the sun is shining, there is not a more beautiful city. If both happen on the day of your scavenger hunt, and you have photos to prove it, the locals will take your photos so that the myth that it always rains in Seattle, stays just that way, a myth and the Californians stay home.

To see Seattle on a scavenger hunt, whether by foot or by limousine, is to live the fish philosophy. Be there. Scavenger, Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure and Museum hunts are all available to you— it’s just a matter of picking the right hunt for your group.

Sample photo opportunities: (we save the best for your list)

Your scavenger list of over 100 items includes photo opportunities, items to bring back, trivia clues and team challenges. After your event we will tally the points, award prizes to the winning (and losing teams) and facilitate a comic wrap-up or a team building debrief. Ask about our combination scavenger hunt and Fish Philosophy seminar package.