Santa Fe

Turn your next team building event into a Santa Fe adventure!

Let Scaventures plan a hunt in Santa Fe!

– a world-renowned travel destination unparalleled in richness of history, heritage, arts and culture.

A Southwest Scaventure has new meaning when we incorporate the many historical sites and buildings including: Loretto Chapel, Canyon Road,the Oldest Church, old and new Capitol buildings, the Oldest House, Sena Plaza, St. Francis Basilica Cathedral, old & new residential neighborhoods.

Not too far from Santa Fe is Taos and of course Albuquerque which make great setting for their own scavenger and treasure hunts.

We have recently facilitated our Charity Bike Build, donating 66 bikes to children in need, TeamProv, a custom murder mystery and our indoor Olympics for different clients in New Mexico so after you enjoy your Scaventure, we’ll have other great team building events for you and your team.

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