Turn your next team building event into a Sacramento adventure!

Welcome to Sacramento — Capitol of the most populous and economically most powerful state in the nation, and now, of course, home of the biggest governor ever, Sacramento may not have the high profile of San Francisco or Los Angeles, but if you’re willing to look closer, you’ll find a wealth of cultural attractions, a diverse community, and plenty of California sunshine. With one of our Scavenger Hunts, you’ll get the know the city, and have a blast doing it. Our biggest client (literally) is the Sacramento Kings and our most recent, Charles Schwab. Choose from Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure, GPS or Museum hunts, among others. Let us know your needs, we can suggest the most suitable choice.

Looking for a scavenger hunt? Our limousine scavenger hunt is not to be missed. The central valley can get a little toasty during summer days, so you’ll appreciate the chauffeured ride. Inside the limo you’ll find everything you need for a three hour adventure: your driver (of course), Polaroid or digital cameras, a mascot chosen just for your team, a Teambuilding backpack, and the scavenger list. Prefer to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D? We have hunts on foot, too. Prefer to hunt in the evening, to feel the locally famous delta breeze? The city lights give the hunt a whole different feel.

Treasure hunts take the concept even further. You can create one simply by adding CharActors to our photo hunts, or challenge us to professionally script an interactive, team building experience around any location you can think of. We can incorporate such sights as the Capitol building, Tower Bridge, Old Town Sacramento, Cal Expo and Waterworld, even the Folsom Prison Museum. We do hunts indoor and out, and can make them cooperative or competitive. Just let us know what the goals are for your group, and we’ll help you meet them.

Looking for a more complete group outing? Combine your hunt with lunch, dinner, or another type of team building event. You can really spice up your off-site with a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, game show, and more. See what else we do for all the possibilities.

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