Reno and Lake Tahoe

Turn your next team building event into a Reno and Lake Tahoe adventure!

Welcome to Reno and Lake Tahoe — few places on Earth are this fun year round. In Winter, when the white stuff has dusted the Sierra Peaks, it’s an Alpine paradise of ski resorts and rustic lodges. In Summer, the snow melts to reveal an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. And whatever time of year, the Vegas-style resorts and casinos ensure plenty to do day and night. Also amazing regardless of season: our Scavenger Hunts. We offer hunts snow or shine, for any type of group. Choose from Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure, GPS and Museum hunts, among others. Let us know your needs and we can suggest the perfect event.

Looking for a scavenger hunt? Why not? The Sierra Nevadas have some of the most photogenic natural spaces you’ve ever seen. But our limousine scavenger hunt provides more than just pretty pictures. You get a driver, Polaroid or digital cameras, a mascot chosen just for your team, a Teambuilding backpack, and a scavenger list filled with the most unique items, as well as team challenges and brain-bending puzzles.

Want an even deeper team-building experience? Our treasure hunts add CharActors and professionally written scripts for added layers of interactivity and attitude. Competitive hunts like our Dirty Rotten Scoundrels have teams fighting for the prize using any means necessary, while cooperative hunts, like our Treasure Hunt Adventure, encourage all teams to work together towards a common goal. We do hunts indoor and out, and by car, by foot, or… by ski? Hey, it’s Tahoe, so we can do it.

Looking for a more complete group outing? Combine your hunt with lunch, dinner, or another type of team building event. You can really spice up your off-site with a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, game show, and more. See what else we do for all the possibilities.

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