Turn your next team building event into a Minneapolis adventure!

The two cities may seem like one, but look closer. Minneapolis is the driven, busy, Western big brother to elegant, comfortable Eastern St. Paul. Scavenger, Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt and Bachelorette hunts are all available to you— it’s just a matter of picking the right hunt for your group.

Arts and culture are in the blood of the twin towns, as is an almost fanatical devotion to the outdoors. Someone should do scavenger hunts there. So we do. Actually the real reason we do scavenger hunt in the Twin Cities is that we have one of our best actor/facilitators in Minneapolis and he just so happens to have his own theater and corporate entertainment company. Who better to show you around and entertain you?

Sample items include:

Your scavenger list of over 100 items includes photo opportunities, items to bring back, trivia clues and team challenges. After your event, we will tally the points, award prizes to the winning (and losing teams) and facilitate a comic wrap-up or a team building debrief. Ask about our Mall of America treasure hunt.