Los Angeles

Turn your next team building event into a Los Angeles adventure!

Welcome to Los Angeles — Hollywood has entertained us with stories of adventure and espionage for years. But who hasn’t wanted to go beyond watching and actually live the experience? With our Scavenger Hunts, you can do it, and in Hollywood’s own backyard. We’ve done hunts for clients from NBC to AARP, from Masterfoods to the fabulous Playboy Mansion Clue hunt for Hef and his Girls Next Door. We have hunts for any type of group, interactive detective stories that will have you uncovering LA’s many secrets. Choose from Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure, GPS or Museum hunts, among others. Let us know your needs, we can suggest the most suitable choice.

Our scavenger hunts go well beyond searching for names on the Walk of Fame. Take our limousine scavenger hunt, for example. You get the star treatment: a driver, Polaroid or digital cameras, a mascot chosen just for your team, a Teambonding backpack, and the scavenger list. You’ll be driving around LA faster than the Paparazzi, snapping shots of the famous sites, yes, but also racing to complete team challenges and decipher tricky puzzles.

Or consider one of our treasure hunts. A competitive hunt like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels invites players to bribe, cheat, and steal to win the prize. Just like those Hollywood executives! Or, try a completely cooperative hunt, like our Treasure Hunt Adventure. We can also custom script a hunt around locations of your choice, indoor or out. Think you’ve been to Disneyland way too many times? Well, imagine the Magic Kingdom as the setting for a fast-paced, team-building challenge. You’ll feel like a kid on their first visit.

Looking for a more complete group outing? Combine your hunt with lunch, dinner, or another type of team building event. You can really spice up your off-site with a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, game show, and more. See what else we do for all the possibilities.

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