Turn your next team building event into a London adventure!

Welcome to London — thousands of years of history and tradition coexist with the height of contemporary art and entertainment. London is a cultural crossroads serving more passages than Charing Cross Station, a city where every nook and cranny has a story. A Scavenger Hunt is a great way to see the big attractions, but also sample some of the copious minute details that bring the city to life, and we have hunts perfect for any type of group event: Photo/Limo Scavenger Hunt, Treasure, GPS and Museum hunts. Talk to us, we can help you pick the perfect experience for your team.

Scavenger hunts in London put us in mind of a certain British super-spy. Our limousine scavenger hunt, especially. It all starts with a car and driver, your very own Bond car, if you will. And then we play the role of Q, giving you all you need to discover London’s mysteries in style: Polaroid or digital cameras, a mascot chosen just for your team, a Teambonding backpack, and the scavenger list. Our scavenger lists don’t just collect the obvious sights of the city, but inspire your team with unique puzzles and challenges. We can also do a version of this hunt utilizing London’s famous taxi cabs for a truly authentic experience.

Or how about a treasure hunt? These can be created by adding CharActors to our photo hunts, or you can choose a professionally scripted event incorporating stories, characters, and elements of cooperation and competition. We can stage treasure hunts almost anywhere, and London’s a big place, full of great hiding places. Will what you need to win be in one of the capsules on the London Eye ferris wheel? Does a painting at the National Gallery hold a vital clue? We’re not telling.

Looking for a more complete group outing? Combine your hunt with lunch, dinner, or another type of team building event. You can really spice up your off-site with a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, game show, and more. See what else we do for all the possibilities.

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