Turn your next team building event into a Florida adventure!

What does Florida offer for treasure and scavenger hunts? Just about everything. Scavenger, Limo Scavenger Hunt, TreasureMuseum and Bachelorette hunts are all available to you— it’s just a matter of picking the right hunt for your group.

You may ask: Scaventures, why would anyone need a scavenger hunt in Florida when there is so much to do? Well, we would direct that question to G.E. Capital. They wanted a limousine scavenger hunt in Orlando , and we gave them a whopper. It was the most amazing program with hilarious photos, great team challenges and the type of —bring back’ items that you just can’t get anywhere else. Since then we’ve been back a dozen times including a Mission Possible hunt inside the Office Depot Center (our second hunt for Office Depot) and for the staff of the Miami Dolphins and Pro Player Stadium an Urban Scaventure on South Beach . Limos hunts in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami — yes we do that. Treasure Hunts for Verizon in Jacksonville, been there, done that. General Dynamics in Naples– that was us too. Our favorite hunt– Motorola in Key West.

With our most recent endeavor being the customized “Go for the Gold” treasure hunt for Huntington Bank, we do more hunts in Florida than almost any other state. This particular hunt was written specifically to be staged at the fabulous Marriott World Centre in Orlando. Want a hunt in Florida? We can do them inside or outside the theme parks. Why do a hunt in Florida? Because you can!

Looking for a photo hunt? Consider our limousine scavenger hunt, which is a three hour scavenger hunt in chauffeured limousines, complete with driver, Digital or Polaroid cameras, a team mascot (chosen just for your team), a Teambonding backpack, and a customized scavenger list. The list includes tasks that are an excellent way to see the sites. Photos you may need to take include: your team in front of something Art Deco in Miami , or your whole team with cigars in Tampa. These hunts are now available with Digital cameras ending with a very entertaining slide show and judging presentation.

Looking for a treasure hunt? They can be as simple as adding CharActors to our photo hunts or they can be professionally mapped out to the location that you choose with our Treasure Hunt Adventure. Need ideas? We’ve got ‘em.

Looking for a group outing? Combine your hunt with a lunch, dinner, or other team building event , see what else we do and consider combining a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, a game show or a team building event.

Just so we don’t forget: we also do The Bridal Party bachelorette parties (as long as we don’t mix up the list). Click on that link to see what we can do to make your last night of freedom unforgettable!