Turn your next team building event into a Charleston adventure!

Welcome to Charleston — this beautiful, historic city by the sea is quickly becoming a must-visit destination, and we’ve got one of the most interesting Scavenger Hunts you have ever taken through and around its many attractions. We’ve got hunts tailored to any kind of group, including Photo/Limo Scavenger, Treasure, Aquarium and Museum hunts – the hardest part is picking just one.

How about capturing the city’s visual charm with a photo hunt? You’ll be looking for things like the hat man, the Four Corners of Law, a piece of straw, a golden ball, a reclining angel and other unique items that make this city so fascinating for those who visit her. Your search will acquaint you with this beautiful city’s rich history, marvelous architecture and unique culture.

Our Smartphone Scaventure blends together the tried-and-true fun of scavenger hunts with advances in mobile technology, resulting in a heart-pounding team building experience that’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. Teams compete using their iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone with our mobile application, snapping photos to collect as many points as possible in the time allowed.

How about our Hair Razing Race? This fast-paced team building event challenges team to navigate a series of detours and roadblocks as they race to complete the circuit. This involves solving clues, collecting bonus items and completing humorous team tasks along the way, all with healthy doses of laughter thrown in. Or select from our treasure hunt hall of fame: we’ve created indoor events at the South Carolina Aquarium, Fort Sumter, and the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. If you prefer the outdoors, we’ve also transformed the Battery, Magnolia Plantation, and the Charleston Waterfront Park into team building gold.

Looking for a group outing? Combine your hunt with lunch, dinner, or another type of team building event. You can really spice up your off-site with a custom murder mystery, improv comedy, game show, and more. See what else we do for all the possibilities.

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