Where We Host Hunts

Where can we do corporate scavenger hunts – we can do them anywhereWhere have we done hunts, well almost everywhere :)  The list of where we haven’t facilitated our scavenger hunts might be shorter.

Typically we do hunts in a city or a hotel/conference center.  We have created and facilitated scavenger hunts on cruise ships, in office buildings, at casinos, theme parks and even at trade shows.

On the right you will see a list of cities where we most often facilitate our corporate scavenger hunts, where we have local knowledge and quite often, local Scaventure facilitators so there is often no need for travel costs.

Even if you need an event in a city where we’ve not yet done a scavenger or treasure hunt, we can work with you to plan a terrific event with our Anywhere, USA approach of doing things. Check out our list of locations to see what we offer and where we offer it!