I wanted to let you know that Bryant’s Team Day “Scaventure” was a great success. Thanks to your company we achieved our goal of a fun learning experience for our employees.

- Sheila G., Bryant College

I want to say thanks for helping us have a very successful team building event! I heard nothing but positive feedback and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!

- K. Carde, Worldcom

The event was FABULOUS! The Battle of the Sales Teams was AWESOME and it ranked #1 as the best part of our sales meeting (#2 was our round table discussion with the CEO/President of our business unit). The survey did not include the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (we did the survey prior to the event), but oh my god! I never knew my guys could be so wild. My entire sales force had a wonderful time doing the team building event and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Kevin and Cookie, I mean Kathy :-) Even the rain did not dampen our spirits, one team did all of the outdoor challenges, renting the covered bicycle carriages on the boardwalk! It was truly a hoot and I have passed your name on to other departments who I am sure will be contacting you soon! You promised a memorable event, and memorable it was.

- Z.H., Motorola

Excellent, excellent, excellent. The representatives from your company were prepared and sent us on a hunt that was a lot of fun… I was one of the people who were put into an icebox!!! It was great. If you ever need a reference, let me know.

- D. Ferrara, Perrier USA

It was SO much fun!! Everyone had an incredible time–the items were just perfect!! I think every single person that went has either personally come by today to tell me how much fun they had and to thank me for doing something ‘different’ than our normal outings or sent me a note saying the same. This is SUCH a great idea for new groups as well– you really do get involved in ‘bonding’ with your teammates and it really fosters good relationships.

- Jennifer B., Accenture

Everything was Wonderful! We had a great time, and great weather! Colleen and Kathy were great, and really did an excellent job facilitating the event. Employees are still buzzing around today talking about the day. We plan on putting the pictures on our website, I’ll forward some to you when it is complete. I would be happy to provide a recommendation any time you need it.

- Kristina M, Major League Soccer

I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I’ve received regarding how fun the scavenger hunt was. I imagine you will get other requests from our business from the positive word of mouth. Thanks for giving us a great team building exercise.

- S. Rowles, GE Capital

A truly phenomenal job on Scaventure’s end! Our limo race last Thursday (10/26) was a true success–largely due to your truly organized and friendly staff. I would like to make this an annual event that we can grow. Again, thanks for a fantastic job!

- Karen F., United Cerebral Palsy

Yes, the teambuilding was a huge success. You received rave reviews from our Round Lake people that attended one of your functions so I knew it would be fun. But I really didn’t know what to expect as far as the activities that we would be doing (I couldn’t visualize it), so I didn’t realize that it would be as fantastic as it was. Kevin was absolutely wonderful! Everyone really had a lot of fun!!

- Tina V., Baxter Healthcare

The team building scavenger hunt was awesome!

- Sue A., Fleet Bank

The event was a big success. We surveyed all participants after the event. It exceeded or met everyone’s expectations.

- Ruth C., The Gillette Company

Our scavenger hunt was awesome! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really got a kick out of everything we have to do. Kathy was awesome! She was personable, helpful and accommodating. Until our next outing.

- Lee S., MTV/MTV2

I just wanted to write a brief note to thank you for a great event in Orlando. As you know we have a rather eclectic group with one commonality–competitiveness. The challenge you set up was just about perfect for us. Everyone enjoyed it and more importantly it broke down some of those barriers we talked about. While we finished early (we were good, weren’t we?), this, too, worked well given the very warm weather. Everybody had a lot of fun with the prizes at the end. I was accused of stacking the teams in my favor (until my two accusers finished ahead of my team).

You hit the right notes for us—you were intense when we needed it and casual when that was called for. I really enjoyed working with you. You did all the work and I got to look good. I like that.

- K.W., Nintendo of America

My team lovvvvvved yesterday’s event. I keep hearing good things, left and right about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wanted to thank you on behalf of our team here at Verizon Wireless for making our event so memorable.

- D.A., Verizon Wireless

I just wanted to send you a Big THANK YOU! We had our hunt on Friday at the Met. It was a great hit! We had a lot of good laughs and Kathy was oustanding her enthusiam and take charge attitude was greatly appreciated. She really took the ball and ran with it . You should be proud to have someone like her working for you ,she did everything and more then we asked for. I am going to send out your company website to all of our Conference planners for each of our properties in the US.

- J.D., Dolce International

We all had a blast in Denver. Michael did an awesome job and everyone had a fabulous time, which was the goal. Thank you so much for all of your help and we would definitely recommend Scaventures in the future!

- D.F., Xerox

My compliments to you and your staff for your well-run team bonding program. The general consensus within our group is that the program turned out challenging enough to be informative and unexpectedly fun for people wiht a variety of functions and from different departments to brainstorm and work together. The only regret I heard was “wish we had more time…” Thank you for your help in making our team building meeting a success.

- G.M., Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

I cannot tell you how much positive feedback I have gotten from Friday’s Scavenger Hunt event! You all did a fantastic job of pulling things together and in spite of the weather everyone had a blast. It has been touted as the ‘one of the best Fun Team Event’s ever!’ Great job and many thanks from all of us!

- K.W., Campbell Soup Company

Thanks for reacting so quickly to our request. Our team had a great time and enjoyed the hunt very much. We believe that it accomplished our goal to help bring out team closer together. I would strongly recommend this to others if asked.

- T.C., Kronos

We had a wonderful time at our Scaventure event! We will highly recommend you to our colleagues. Thank you for everything.

- C.G., American Express