Testimonial – Motorola

The event was FABULOUS! The Battle of the Sales Teams was AWESOME and it ranked #1 as the best part of our sales meeting (#2 was our round table discussion with the CEO/President of our business unit). The survey did not include the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (we did the survey prior to the event), but oh my god! I never knew my guys could be so wild. My entire sales force had a wonderful time doing the team building event and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Kevin and Cookie, I mean Kathy :-) Even the rain did not dampen our spirits, one team did all of the outdoor challenges, renting the covered bicycle carriages on the boardwalk! It was truly a hoot and I have passed your name on to other departments who I am sure will be contacting you soon! You promised a memorable event, and memorable it was.