X Marks the Spot

It is now an undisputed scientific fact: everybody everywhere loves a good scavenger hunt. Each of our own highly original Scaventures is completely customized to mesh with a specific conference, meeting or management agenda. This is a competitive event that always goes over extremely well, regardless of the theme.

We typically begin with a briefing by your teambonding facilitator. This person often appears in character, helping to set a fun tone right from the very beginning. Generally we warm everybody up with one of our popular Ice-Breaker activities, an effective way to get everyone in the mood for play and competition. Next we divide everybody up into teams, supplying each team with the essential tools of the scavenger trade: official rules, answer sheets, maps, Polaroid or digital cameras and more.

Depending upon the theme of your conference, the group can search for trivia, clues, photo opportunities and more. We can also arrange for your teams to encounter hilarious CharActors along the way – anything from pirates to astronauts to archaeologists.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of tailoring your scavenger hunt to help underscore your own goals. In fact, the fee for this event covers a full scouting day to custom-write the event for your specific location and theme.


Features: A highly customized, highly effective team building scavenger hunt!

Ideal Usage:

Group Size: This event can be successful with as few as six players (two teams of three) up to — believe it or not — 600 or more.

Time: Anywhere from an hour to a full day.

Space: Any room or outdoor space large enough to comfortably accommodate your group.