Treasure Hunt Adventure

No one else has a hunt like this…with TRUE team building.  Treasure Hunt Adventure starts out as a competition but morphs into a cooperative endeavor as all teams must work together to find the key.

This treasure hunt is a map-based puzzle that the entire team must solve. As in the workplace, smaller teams must succeed at their tasks before the entire company can reach its goal – opening the treasure-filled chest!

The treasure hunt is built around a custom-made map of your conference center, and includes an industrial-strength dose of fun. This program can be skewed to be more physical or more cerebral per your direction.

The object is to find the key to the treasure chest. Your full group is divided into sub-groups, each with its own set of clues to find. Individual teams soon realize that the only way to locate the treasure is by working together. Some clues can only be acquired when the group completes a fun challenge. These clues can be presented as either Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy-style questions. We can also add customized questions about your company. Each sub-group’s immediate goal is assembling their part of the riddle. When combined, these add up to reveal a final riddle. The excitement builds to a crescendo as all sub-groups now join forces to find the key.

Since everyone contributes to the success of this search, all get to share in the treasure. This can be a token or memento of your seminar, a t-shirt emblazoned with your company or event slogan, or whatever you desire.


Features: This hunt is unique in that it is true team building where everyone comes together and everyone wins!

Ideal Usage:

Group Size: 20 – 600

Time: Typical treasure hunts last several hours. However, some firms prefer a full day centered around traditional orienteering in a local forest.

Space: This activity is best suited out of doors, but we’ll be happy to identify alternate rain sites within your hotel or conference center.