The Davinci Adventure

Now your company can experience the thrill of the search for the ancient Grail, complete with all the excitement of the best seller. This is typically staged in an art museum in your city (The Met, Getty, the National Museum of Art, etc.). Teams use detailed maps while interacting with the artwork searching for clues that will help them break the mysterious Cryptex Code. A great team building exercise that incorporates appreciation, intrigue and adventure.

Teams use maps of the museum which indicate where clues can be found. Your sleuths must first navigate to the right piece of artwork, then detect the correct answer within each piece. Once assembled, the full collection of clues helps teams find the key to the treasure chest hidden somewhere in the museum.

The climax occurs when a team finally gets to open the chest itself. This grand opening can take place within the museum, at a nearby restaurant, or at your meeting. You supply the treasure—we’ll supply the excitement.


Features: Crack codes, chase clues, and hope your team is first to the hidden treasure!

Ideal Usage: