Instant Photo Scavenger Hunt

Everything old is new again!

Scaventures has created a scavenger hunt to celebrate the resurgence of instant film photography. Amazing that 25 years ago we created our first, the first instant photo scavenger hunt and now, it’s back again! Long story short, we created the world’s first instant photo, Polaroid scavenger hunt, actually with Kodak instant film and then created hundreds and hundreds of them all over the country before we transitioned to Digital, GPS and now cell phone technology. You can actually read allabout it here as we did it with 32 teams each with limousines:

No matter what the current technology there was always something special about taking a picture, watching it develop and being able to hold and pass it around. We are very excited that instant film is back with large, wide instant photos, perfect for your scavenger hunt.

So how does this work for your team? Each team will be given an instant camera, film, a customized scavenger list for the city of your choice and you’re off. You’ll have a list with photo opportunities, trivia, team challenges and more to get you out and about, doing crazy and fun things to be captured on film all designed to get you working better as a team.

At the end of the adventure, your whole group comes back laughing, ready to share great stories and great morale. A team-building module can be added to the hunt as a way to incorporate additional team challenges, custom corporate information and/or conference themes. A trained facilitator can tie it all together in an optional debrief. As an added bonus, you’ll have fun photos to post in the office.

This popular team building exercise is cleverly disguised as pure fun, but there are countless lasting benefits your team will bring back to the workplace. No wonder the Ringling Bros circus clowns chose this freewheeling event when they decided it was their turn to laugh!


Ideal Usage:

Group Size: 12 – 200 (divided into teams 6-10)

Time: 3 hours for the hunt itself, plus an introduction and a wrap-up where all the photographic challenges are presented.

Space: Indoor location for intro & wrap-up