Scavenger & Treasure Hunts

Our scavenger hunt passion started long ago as part of a New England education/recreation company called Learning Adventure. As the creators of the original limousine scavenger hunt sponsored first by Kodak and then by Polaroid, we have been leading the way for over 25 years in creating and refining innovative, team building scavenger hunts.

When we designed our first hunt which had 40 limousines and 240 participants we called it, “team building by accident” as groups would bond naturally given a time frame, a mission, a set of tools and clues, and a level playing field. This scavenger hunt was the first event that inspired our nationally recognized team building company, TeamBonding.

In a scavenger hunt teams communicate, strategize, negotiate, and bond as they compete or collaborate with other teams. All this is disguised as fun. After the event, teams have a shared experience, a lot of laughs, and a comedic wrap up or an optional facilitation to bring the event to a successful conclusion.

What started as one great hunt back in the 80′s has grown to include “18″ of the most interactive and innovative hunts in what now is a “scavenger hunt industry”. Coming soon is our new philanthropic team building scavenger hunt which gives back to your community.

Almost anyone can go on a scavenger hunt, typically from businesses that value and invest in their own people, understand the worth of good relationships with customers and suppliers, or need to motivate and manage teams.

In addition to all the cities in which we offer great hunts, we have a fun selection of hunts we can customize to fit your needs. Whether your group is large or small, corporate or social, we can plan an event that will have folks talking for years. Check out all our team building scavenger hunts above!