You’ve found Scaventures,  the scavenger and treasure hunt division of TeamBonding, an award-winning, nationwide corporate team building company.

We have written and facilitated thousands of scavenger hunts since 1986 and they’re always different, always fun, and our clients come back year after year. For that reason, we thought we’d reveal our full offerings through this website, to show you how much fun scavenger and treasure hunts can be.

At Scaventures and TeamBonding, we are passionate about using the power of play as an effective tool for helping your team learn, grow, and…well, bond.

Founded by David Goldstein, an innovative serial entrepreneur, Scaventures continues to lead the way in one-of-a-kind programs that allow teams to interact and play, work together and compete and challenge each other in ways that can’t be accomplished in the office.

When you choose a Scaventure, you’re choosing a team building event that matches the needs of your team. Your hunt will be customized to your team, your location and desired outcomes.  One size does not fit all as we have developed 18 original team building scavenger and treasure hunts that allow teams to use technology, solve clues and puzzles, showcase creativity and end with a comedic wrap-up or a team building debrief.

Our prices are based on the location, the size of your group and the date and time of the hunt. Our prices start at $2,000 for corporate team building scavenger hunts.

The search is over: You’ve found Scaventures!

What Else We Do

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